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14.1080 Medical Records Coordinator-Rehab Center Business Office, FT, 8a-5p M-F 07/23/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1029 Medical Assistant-Cancer Center, FT, 7:30a-5p, M-F 07/10/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.972 Med Lab Technologist-Core Lab, FT, 1p-9:30p 07/03/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.949 Histology Technician, FT, 6a-2:30p 06/26/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.740 Respiratory Therapy/Preceptor, FT 05/19/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.340 Medical Coding Specialist, FT, days 03/07/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.140 Medical Lab Technologist-Emergency Center NE, PT (20hrs/wk) 01/29/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
13.8158 Registered Nurse/Reimbursement Analyst-Charge Capture, FT, M-F 8a-5p 11/19/2013 TALLAHASSEE, FL
13.7966 Charge Master Reimbursement Analyst-Accounting, FT, days 10/14/2013 TALLAHASSEE, FL
11.3898 Lead Cerner Application Analysts - $20K Sign on Bonus 08/12/2013 TALLAHASSEE, FL
13.6726 Registered Sonographer-Ultrasound, Flex 02/28/2013 TALLAHASSEE, FL
13.6730 Manager Medical Coding-Medical Records, FT, days 02/27/2013 TALLAHASSEE, FL
12.6009 Medical Lab Section Head-Microbiology, FT 10/05/2012 TALLAHASSEE, FL
12.6010 RN/Manager-Charge Capture (Registered Nurse) 10/05/2012 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1150 Dosimetrist-Radiation Oncology, Flex 07/31/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1132 Unit Secretary-NICU, FT (36hrs/wk), 7a-7p 07/31/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1130 Office Coordinator-Cancer Center, Flex 07/31/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1088 Emergency Care Technician I-Bixler ER, flex, 11a-11p 07/31/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1124 Emergency Care Technician I-Bixler ER, flex, 7p-7a 07/31/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1122 Neurodiagnostic Technician II, FT, days 07/31/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1121 Patient Account Specialist, Patient Access, Psych-Outpatient Support, Flex, (Varied Hours) 07/31/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1126 Patient Account Specialist, Patient Access, Flex (Days Will Vary) 07/31/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1114 Patient Transporter, flex, M-F, 3p-9pm 07/30/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.405 Patient Care Assistant/PRN Float Pool, various shifts 07/30/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.411 Monitor Technician/Float Pool, various shifts 07/30/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.413 Unit Secretary/PRN Pool, various shifts 07/30/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.416 Sitter/PRN Pool, Flex, various shifts 07/30/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
073020142 Certified Medical Assistant - Cardiology Physician Group 07/30/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
07302014 Certified Medical Assistant - Internal Medicine Physician Group 07/30/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1099 Food Service - Trayline Psych Center, FT, 10:30a-7p 07/29/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
07292014 Certified Medical Assistant - Oncology 07/29/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1103 Office Coordinator Rehab Administration, flex, temporary, days 07/28/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1105 Registered Nurse, Oncology- Internal, Full-Time, 7a-7p 07/28/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1089 Registered Nurse, Neuro ICU, Full-Time, Weekend Plan $31hr, 7p-7a 07/28/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1104 Physical Therapist Assistant-Gerry Clinic Monticello, FT, days 07/28/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1038 Licensed Practical Nurse/Medical Assistant-TMPP Southwood, FT, days 07/28/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
07-25-14 Certified Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL)- Future Opening, Full-Time, Days 07/25/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1097 Public Assistance Officer, FT, 11p-7a 07/24/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1100 ARNP- Nursing Administration, Medicial Surgical Unit, Full-Time 07/24/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1091 Administrative Coordinator-Family Medicine Residency, FT, days 07/23/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.925 Certified Surgical Technologist-Surgery Main OR, FT, 7a-3p 07/23/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1071 Emergency Services Medic-Emergency Center NE, FT, 3a-3p 07/22/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1083 Registered Nurse, Post Partum, Full-Time, Weekend Plan $31hr, 7p-7a 07/21/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1075 Registered Nurse, The Surgery Center, Flex, Days, M-F 07/21/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1026 Emergency Services Medic-Bixler Emergency Center, flex, 11a-11p 07/18/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1070 Registered Nurse, Emergency Center Northeast, Full-Time, 7p-7a 07/18/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1069 Registered Nurse, Wound Healing Center, Flex, Days 07/18/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1067 Nurse Manager, Post Anesthesia Care unit, Full-Time 07/18/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1065 Patient Account Specialist, Patient Access, Emergency Center NE, Part-Time, 3pm-11pm and 11pm-7am 07/17/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.969 Monitor Technician II, Intermediate Care Unit, FT (64 hours/pp), Evenings and Nights 07/17/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL

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