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14.1625 Practice Office Manager-TMH Blountstown, Full-Time, Days 11/11/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
11102014 IT/Cerner Application Analyst-Enterprise Applications, FT, days 11/10/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1564 Medical Laboratory Section Head-Microbiology, FT, days 10/27/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1533 Law Enforcement Officer, Flex, 9p-3a 10/20/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.140 Med Lab Technologist-Emergency Center NE, PT (20hrs/wk), weekends 10/07/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1447 Assistant Director Building Maintenance-Plant Engineering, FT, days 10/03/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1436 Clinical Medical Physicist, FT 09/30/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
13.8158 RN/Reimbursement Analyst-Charge Capture, FT, M-F 8a-5p 09/01/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
13.7966 Charge Master Reimbursement Analyst-Accounting, FT, days 09/01/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
13.6730 Manager Medical Coding-Medical Records, FT, days 09/01/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
12.6010 RN/Manager-Charge Capture (Registered Nurse) 09/01/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1237 Accounting Specialist-General Accounting, FT 08/14/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1200 Registered Nurse, Behavioral Health, Full-Time, 11:15pm-7:45am 08/08/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1122 Neurodiagnostic Technician II, FT, days 07/31/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1049 Administrative Assistant-Organizational Improvement & Planning, Full-Time, Days 07/15/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1005 Supervisor/Sterile Processing, FT, 11p-7a 07/07/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.601 IT/Application Programming Manager-Integration Services, FT, M-F, 8a-5p 04/29/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.520 Sterile Supply Technician II-Sterile Processing, FT, 3p-11p 04/14/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1730 Physical Therapy Assistant-Home Health Care, Flex 11/25/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1732 Security Officer, FT, 11p-7a 11/25/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1733 IT/Helpdesk Support Technician, FT 11/25/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1720 Nurse Extern, Diabetes Medical Care Unit, Flex 11/21/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1667 Concierge, Surgery, FT, Monday - Friday, 7am - 3pm 11/21/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1665 Unit Secretary, Post Anesthesia Care Unit, Flex, Varied Shifts 11/21/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1715 Physical Therapist-Home Health Care, Flex 11/21/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1718 Grant Support Assistant, Part-Time (20hrs/week) M-F **Temporary Position** 11/21/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1719 Registered Nurse, Infection Control, Full-Time, Days 11/21/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1717 Registered Nurse, Home Health Care, Flex, Days 11/21/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1711 Med Lab Technologist-Microbiology, Flex 11/20/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1726 Registered Nurse, Float Pool Tier II, Med Surg/ Step Down, 7a-7p 11/20/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1728 Registered Nurse, Float Pool, Tier II, Cardiovascular Services (Procedural Labs & Imaging), 7a-7p 11/20/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1727 Registered Nurse, Float Pool, Tier II, 7a-7p, Med Surg/ Step Down 11/20/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1713 Registered Nurse, Emergency Center North East, Full-Time, 7p-7a 11/20/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1716 Med Lab Technologist - Core Lab, FT, 1p-9:30p 11/20/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1680 Assistant Nurse Manager, Oncology- Inpatient, Days 11/20/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1643 Unit Secretary, Internal Medicine, FT (72 hours/pp), Nights 7pm - 7am 11/20/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1708 Registered Nurse, Oncology- Inpatient, Full-Time, 7a-7p 11/20/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1681 Registered Nurse, Oncology- Inpatient, Full-Time, 7p-7a 11/19/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1686 Registered Nurse, Cardiovascular Lab, Full-Time, Days 11/19/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1710 Registered Nurse, Oncology- Inpatient, Full-Time, 7p-7a 11/19/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1673 Registered Nurse, Internal Medicine, Weekend Program $31hr, 7a-7p 11/19/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1670 Registered Nurse, Wound Care Center, Flex, Days 11/19/2014 FORT WHITE, FL
14.1669 Registered Nurse, Cardiovascular Med Surg ICU, Full-Time, 7p-7a 11/19/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1698 Med Lab Technologist-Core Lab, FT, 7a-3:30p 11/18/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1573 Child Care Provider, PT (25hrs/wk), 9a-2:30p 11/17/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1571 Child Care Provider, FT, 8a-5p 11/17/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1572 Child Care Provider, PT (20hrs/wk), 3p-7p 11/17/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1499 Emergency Care Technician I, Bixler ER, Flex, Nights 7pm - 7am 11/17/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1647 Registered Nurse, Intermediate Care, Weekend Plan ($31hr), 7a-7p 11/14/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
11142014 Sonographer - TMHPP/CIM 11/14/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL

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