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16.5266 Registered Nurse/Behavioral Health Center, FT, 7:15am-3:45pm $10,000 Sign On Bonus 06/27/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1200 Registered Nurse/Behavioral Health Center, Full-Time, 11:15pm-7:45am $10,000 Sign On Bonus 06/20/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
15.2466 Registered Nurse/Nurse Manager Electrophysiology Lab, FT 06/13/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5100 Histology Technician, FT, 5a-1:30p, up to $1,500 Relocation Assistance 06/03/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
Transport Paramedic, EMS Transports Department, Full Time, 7:00 pm-7:00 am 04/14/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.4420 Cancer Registrar, Outpatient Oncology Services, FT, M-F, 8a-4:30p 04/12/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
04.1116 Certified Surgical Technologist, Main OR, Flex 04/11/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
15.3927 Registered Nurse/Surgery Main OR, Flex 04/11/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.4743 Registered Nurse/Assistant Nurse Manager-Neurovascular Lab, FT 04/08/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
15.3038 Registered Nurse/Neurology Intermediate Care Unit (NIMCU), FT, 7p-7a $10,000 Sign On Bonus 02/18/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
15.3103 Registered Nurse/Float Pool-Critical Care 11/02/2015 TALLAHASSEE, FL
15.3101 Registered Nurse/Float Pool-Medical/Surgical 11/02/2015 TALLAHASSEE, FL
102015 Charge Master Reimbursement Analyst-Accounting, FT, days 10/20/2015 TALLAHASSEE, FL
15.3315 Physical Therapist-Home Health Care, FT, days, up to $7,500 sign on bonus 08/12/2015 TALLAHASSEE, FL
15.3102 Registered Nurse/Float Pool-Step Down units 07/12/2015 TALLAHASSEE, FL
07.2416 Housekeeping, Flex, Various Shifts 07/24/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
07.2416 Surgical Support Technician, Sterile Processing, Flex, Mon-Fri, Day/Evening/Night Shifts Available 07/24/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5455 Patient Care Assistant, Heart & Vascular Outpatient Unit, FT, Mon-Fri, 5:45a-2:15p 07/24/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5453 Med Lab Technologist, Emergency Center NE Lab, FT,5:30p-7:30a 07/22/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5414 Administrative Coordinator, Main OR, Flex, Mon-Fri, 7a-3p 07/22/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5443 Service Support Technician, Environmental Services, Flex, 7a-3:30p 07/22/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5458 Registered Nurse/Family Care FT 7A-7P $10,000 Sign On Bonus 07/22/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5459 Registered Nurse/Family Care FT 7P-7A $10,000 Sign On Bonus 07/22/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5439 Registered Nurse/Endoscopy FT Monday-Friday 07/22/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.4846 Registered Nurse/Improvement Advisor, FT, days 07/21/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5440 EKG Technician, Cardiovascular Lab, Flex, Day Shift 07/21/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5445 Patient Care Assistant, Angie Deeb Cancer Unit, Flex, Various Shifts 07/21/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5416 Supervisor/Sterile Processing, FT, Mon-Fri, Day & Evening Shifts Available 07/21/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5400 Emergency Services Medic, Urgent Care Center, Full Time, 36 hrs/week 07/21/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5448 Application Analyst II, IT/Enterprise Applications, Full Time, M-F 07/21/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5403 Registered Nurse/Patient Educator-Diabetes Center, FT 07/21/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5252 Certified Pharmacy Technician, Flex, Various Shifts 07/21/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5401 Registered Nurse/Oncology Med/Surg, FT, 7p-7a $10,000 Sign On Bonus available 07/20/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5402 Registered Nurse/Cardiovascular Medical/Surgical Intensive Care (CV-MSICU), FT, 7p-7a, Weekend Plan 07/20/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
07.2016 Sterile Supply Technician II-Sterile Processing, Flex, Evenings, Nights, Weekend Shifts Available 07/20/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
Scribe, ER Physicians Department, Flex, Various Shifts 07/20/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5404 Registered Nurse/Neurology Intermediate Care Unit (NIMCU), FT, 7a-7p $10,000 Sign On Bonus 07/20/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5188 Registered Nurse/Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU), FT, 7p-7a $10,000 Sign On Bonus 07/20/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5088 Registered Nurse/Heart & Vascular Outpatient Procedural Care , FT (32hrs/wk), 1p-11p $10,000 Sign On 07/19/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.4882 Patient Account Coordinator II, Patient Accounting, Full-Time, Medicaid 07/19/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5394 Registered Nurse/Cardiovascular Medical/Surgical Intensive Care FT, 7p-7a $10,000 Sign On Bonus 07/19/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
820202 Office Manager - TMHPP Bradfordville 07/18/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5388 Registered Nurse/Clinical Education Coordinator-Perinatal Care, FT 07/18/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5397 Registered Nurse/Cardiac Progressive Care, FT, 7a-7p $10,000 Sign On Bonus 07/18/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5329 PE/Maintenance Technician, FT 07/18/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5226 Mental Health Associate, Flex 07/18/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5113 Registered Nurse/Neurology, FT, 7a-7p $10,000 Sign On Bonus 07/15/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5310 Chaplain, Spiritual Care and CPE Department, Flex 07/15/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5395 Licensed Practical Nurse, BHC Outpatient Nurses, Flex 07/15/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.4995 Department Secretary, Chronic Pain Management, Flex 07/14/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL

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