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14.520 Sterile Supply Technician II-Sterile Processing, Evening/Night/Weekend Shifts Available 05/18/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.4744 Respiratory Therapist/RRT, OP Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab, Flex, Weekdays, Various Shifts 05/02/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.4867 Lead/CT Special Procedure, Emergency Center NE, FT (36 hrs/wk), Wed/Fri/Sat, 7a-7p 04/28/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.4420 Cancer Registrar, Outpatient Oncology Services, FT, M-F, 8a-4:30p 04/12/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
04.1116 Certified Surgical Technologist, Main OR, Flex 04/11/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1200 Registered Nurse/Behavioral Health Center, Full-Time, 11:15pm-7:45am 04/11/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
15.3927 Registered Nurse/Surgery Main OR, Flex 04/11/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.4743 Registered Nurse/Assistant Nurse Manager-Neurovascular Lab, FT 04/08/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
15.3038 Registered Nurse/Neurology Intermediate Care Unit (NIMCU), FT, 7p-7a 02/18/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
15.2896 Registered Nurse/Neurology Intermediate Care Unit (NIMCU), FT, 7a-7p 02/18/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
15.2466 Registered Nurse/Nurse Manager Electrophysiology Lab, FT 11/05/2015 TALLAHASSEE, FL
15.3103 Registered Nurse/Float Pool-Critical Care 11/02/2015 TALLAHASSEE, FL
15.3101 Registered Nurse/Float Pool-Medical/Surgical 11/02/2015 TALLAHASSEE, FL
102015 Charge Master Reimbursement Analyst-Accounting, FT, days 10/20/2015 TALLAHASSEE, FL
15.3315 Physical Therapist-Home Health Care, FT, days, up to $7,500 sign on bonus 08/12/2015 TALLAHASSEE, FL
15.3102 Registered Nurse/Float Pool-Step Down units 07/12/2015 TALLAHASSEE, FL
14.1564 Medical Laboratory Section Head-Microbiology, FT, days 10/27/2014 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5053 Security Officer, FT, 11p-7a 05/25/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5045 Insurance Verification Specialist, FT, M-F 8:30-5 05/25/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5048 Patient Account Coordinator II, Patient Accounting, M-F 05/25/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5057 Patient Account Coordinator II, Patient Accounting, FT, M-F 8a-4:30p 05/25/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5052 Registered Nurse/Cardiovascular Service Line, Flex 05/25/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5021 Registered Nurse/Outpatient Surgical Unit, PT (16hrs/wk), 8a-4:30p 05/25/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5020 Registered Nurse/Outpatient Surgical Unit, FT, 4:30a-1:30p 05/25/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.4748 Patient Care Assistant, Pediatric, FT (36 hrs/wk), 7a-7p 05/25/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.4771 Unit Secretary, Main OR, FT, Mon-Fri, 7a-3p 05/24/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.4960 Quality Analyst Assistant, Outpatient Oncology Services, 7a-3:30p 05/24/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
Licensed Practical Nurse/GP, Family Medicine Residency, Full Time, M-F, 8:15 am-5:15 pm 05/24/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
Office Coordinator, Family Medicine Residency, FT, M-F 05/24/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5028 Technician/CSR, Central Services, Flex, 1st or 2nd Shift 05/24/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.4991 Patient Care Assistant, Clinical Decision Unit, FT (36 hrs/wk), 7a-7p 05/23/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5049 Unit Secretary, Diabetes Medical Care Unit, FT (30 hrs/wk), Day & Evening Shifts 05/23/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
0423163 Insurance Specialist - TMHPP/CIM 05/23/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
052320162 Scheduler - TMHPP/CIM 05/23/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
052320161 Ultrasound Tech (M-F 8am-5pm) - TMHPP/CIM 05/23/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
05232016 Office Manager - TMHPP/CIM 05/23/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.4964 Medical Assistant, Out Patient Infusion Unit- Cancer Center, Flex, M-F, Various Shifts 05/23/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5047 Administrator Family Medicine Residency 05/23/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5040 Registered Nurse/Intermediate Care (IMCU), FT, 7a-7p, Weekend Plan 05/23/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5039 Registered Nurse/Intermediate Care (IMCU), FT, 7p-7a, Weekend Plan 05/23/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5006 Registered Nurse/Family Medicine Residency, FT, days 05/23/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5036 Registered Nurse/Nurse Residency Coordinator 05/23/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.4365 Surgical Support Technician, Surgery Center, Flex, M-F, 7a-3p (varies) 05/23/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.4793 Patient Care Assistant, Diabetes Medical Care, FT (36 hrs/wk), 3p-11p 05/23/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.4816 Patient Care Assistant, Postoperative Care, Flex, Various Shifts 05/23/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.4870 Patient Account Specialist, Patient Access, Bixler Emergency, FT, 2nd Shift 05/20/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5004 Patient Account Specialist, Patient Access, Emergecy Northeast, PT (non-benefited), 3p-11:30p 05/20/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5015 Office Coordinator, TMH Center for Maternal Fetal Medicine, Part Time (Benefited) 05/20/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5013 Cook, Flex, 6a-10:30a 05/19/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL
16.5023 Security Officer, FT, 7a-3p 05/19/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL

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